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    Hurlburt Field, FL - Arrival

    Getting Here

    The nearest major airport to Hurlburt Field is the Northwest Florida Regional Airport, located about 15 miles from the base. If arriving by bus, taxi service is available from the airport to the base.

    If arriving by car from the airport, take a left onto Highway 85 and proceed south to Highway 30, and turn right. Continue and Hurlburt Field's main gate will be on the right. This is not the fastest route (it is about five minutes longer than the fastest route), but it is the easiest to follow. Military personnel can submit their transportation voucher for reimbursement since there is no military shuttle from the airport to the base.

    For military personnel in need of temporary lodging at Hurlburt Field, the Commando Inn lodging facility offers 24 Temporary Lodging rooms and is located at 301 Tully Street in Building 90509. Call 850-884-6245 or 850-884-7115 for advance reservations.